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Una Heaney Art

Woodland Animals Christmas Day Swim

Woodland Animals Christmas Day Swim

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New to the Woodland Animals collection this year is our Christmas Day Swim card. Who knew our animals were trendy sea swimmers with their dry robes, sliders, and flasks! How cute are the rabbit couple braving the cold together, all decked out in a Santa hat and antlers head gear. If sea swimming isn't for you, maybe you'd prefer to sit on the beach like the hedgehog, cosy and warm biding his time until Christmas dinner begins!

Woodland Animals
Our Woodland Animal Christmas card collection is a selection of designs featuring whimsical woodland characters spreading festive fun. Some of the characters feature in multiple cards, and there are new characters and winter scenes each year. Our 2023 designs feature a Christmas Day Swim, a Snowball Fight, and Building a Snowman.

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