Teacher Gift Guide

Teacher Gift Guide

It's coming up to the end of the school year here in the West of Ireland and that means teachers are worn out, students are worn out, and parents are bracing themselves for entertaining their children again for the Summer!

My day job brings me into various schools teaching music both during school and after hours and let me tell you, the school teachers in this country deserve medals for all that they do!

In the absence of medals, here is what I think would be some great gift ideas for the teachers in your life. Consider this a gift guide for teachers, by a teacher!

  • A personalised tote bag from Rudai Olla, because teachers are carrying books and papers for marking, homework and projects every day. Something like this beautiful bag is strong enough for those, and it won't get misplaced or misidentified in a staffroom.
  • A lot of teachers love their stationary. They're constantly looking for pens in their bags, in their cars, in their room etc, so I think a beautiful pen from Irish stationary shop Nota Poca would be a great gift idea. Throw in a notebook or planner and you'll be teachers pet in no time!
  • A voucher for a bookshop. It's obviously a cliche that teachers should like books, but what you may not know is that the Summer is a great time for teachers to unwind and read something other than a textbook or report. I personally don't have much time to read during term time and love to get stuck into something during break. Books are personal though, so I'd go for a voucher for this. Kennys bookshop and Dubray books are two bookshops I love to give my business to.
  • I'm biased obviously, but my hand-painted candles fall into a nice budget for a teachers gift. They're quite unique, and particularly if you are buying for a female teacher, they are a beautiful thoughtful gift that she won't get elsewhere.

There are 8 hand-painted tapered dinner candles laid out in a wicker style basket with white tissue paper underneath them. The candles are white and they have hand painted clusters of leaves in a park pink. The botanical clusters go about half way up the candles.

Don't forget to pick up a couple of thank you cards in either English or Irish from our collection to pair with your gift.

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