How to create a cosy home post-Christmas

How to create a cosy home post-Christmas

Taking down the Christmas decorations can leave your home feeling a little empty and cold. One thing I miss is the cosiness and feeling of warmth. I love turning on the Christmas tree lights, lighting some candles and turning off the main lights, so come January, when all of that is gone, I really miss it.

Here are 4 things I will be doing to keep that cosy feeling right through January and February while it’s still dark and wintery.

  1. Invest in some fresh candles. I love lemon or citrus for some fresh scents. Adding a few around your home can replace that glow of Christmas while bringing freshness in. Something with Apple in it can bring a hint of Christmas but also be fresh enough that it looks to Spring too.

  2. Move things around. If you’re renting, this might be trickier, but try moving around some pieces in your home for a fresh perspective. This helps with your budget too; sometimes you don’t need new things, you just need to see your existing items in a new light.

    Image shows the cover photo for a blog post. It says How to create a cosy home post-Christmas. There are four photos under the title. First is a candle, second is an art print, third is some furniture, and last is some cushions. Underneath those it says Una Heaney Art

  3. Putting up some artwork is a simple way to add to your space when it’s feeling a little bare. Prints are an inexpensive way to bring original art into your home and put your own stamp on a space. Mix and match styles and colours for a more personalised experience.Framed art in a plain light wooden frame. The art is black and white and is an illustration of a large house shape made from tiny leaves and petals. Next to the frame lies a small candle.

  4. Add some throws and cushions. Those winter evenings are not going away any time soon, so enjoy cosy movie nights or nights in with a good book, a blanket, and a cup of tea in comfort. A good quality throw will stand the test of time. I try to go with colours I love personally rather than seasonal colours but you could also change them up with the season too.

Image show a stacked bundle of cosy textured throws in a mixture of fabrics and neutral colours.

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