2023 Bestsellers

2023 Bestsellers

I know, it’s almost March but better late than never! We're always learning and adjusting as we go along so it's important for us to go back and see what our lovely customers are liking the best so we can find new ways to serve you and keep delivering on beautiful designs and products.

That being said here's a quick look at our top 5 bestsellers from 2023.

1. Colour in Birthday Card

Product image for a Colour In Birthday Card. The card has a birthday cake on the front suitable for colouring in. Surrounding the colouring card are some colouring supplies for decoration.


2. Yay! Delighted for you

Product Image for celebration card that says YAY! Delighted for you, on the front. The word YAY! is illustrated in black and white intricate leafy detail. Delighted for you is hand written in a sage green underneath. Around the greeting card are some flowers and a gold pen for decoration.

3. Heart card

Product image for greeting card with a heart on the front. The heart is in black and white and is an illustration made up of leaf and floral details. Around the heart greeting card there is a flower and pen for decoration.


4. Hand Painted candle in Christmas Gold (Sold out - linking the black version here).

Two hand painted candles. The candles are tapered dinner candles in white with black leaves and petals hand painted on in a delicate scattered pattern. The candles are laid on a soft white cloth with small sprigs of flowers for decoration and context.


5. Míle Buíochas

Product Image for an Irish Language thank you card. On the front of the card it says Míle buíochas, which means, thank you. The words míle buíochas are written in a script style with each letter word done in a continuous vine of leaves and petals. Around the greeting card there are some small flower details and a pen, for decoration.


We couldn’t agree more with this list, all these are super to have in your stock at home for gifting or sending to your loved ones. A little stock of greeting cards and gifts will make you feel prepared and organised. It's a small task and covers so many occasions, no matter what comes your way! Bonus points for buying from your favourite small Irish business!



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